Project Overview

The DripScent product line was designed and developed to be the most robust tool kit for every form of hunting that requires luring or baiting wild game. 

With the DripScent drip bags, you can fill & refill with your favorite hunting scents and attractants. This product can easily be capped & moved without spilling or leaking your product. With several different available sizes, DripScent can last anywhere from 2 to 32 days.

The Idea

They work with both thick and thin liquid viscosities allowing the Delco DripScent bags to be the most versatile drip bag on the market. They are refillable and re-sealable via the top opening closure. This allows the customer to fill the bags with their favorite type of scent or attractant whether store bought or homemade. This feature gives the hunter maximum flexibility between hunting seasons and wild game types. Easily transition from hunting deer and elk to hunting wild boar in a matter of minutes. Simply drain the bag and refill.

The Product

The drip bags come in 5 sizes: 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz, and 64 oz. The different size bags offer a continuous drip for 2 days to 32 days (2 days, 4 days, 8 days, 16 days, and 32 days – depending on size), accommodating each customer’s unique hunting or trapping strategy. The DripScent Thin drip bag was designed specifically to work with any water or urine based product on the market.

The DripScent Thick drip bag was designed specifically to work with any molasses or oil based product on the market such as stump drips and liquid feed. These bags were designed with the hunter in mind.

They are disposable, meaning they can be easily purchased and replaced with very minimal investment. This gives the hunter a peace of mind knowing they can bate their target game without breaking the bank. The DripScent bags work for deer, elk, moose, boar, big cats, coyotes, and bear.

Essentially- the DripScent bag was designed to work with all liquids and attractants with the purpose of luring in wild game.