Project Overview

The Trail Blaster was created to overwhelm the deer’s environment with products like doe estrus, urines and other attractants. More importantly to increase the likelihood of shooting that once in lifetime buck. With a timed release mechanism, the hunter can sync these cover scents and attractants with any programmable deer feeder.  The Trail Blaster is universal for any aerosol can on the market and will provide a more efficient dispersing mechanism for these cover scents and attractants at a reasonable consumer price.

The Idea

The Trail Blaster was designed by hunters, for hunters. We looked heavily into the market for a product that would make life simple. We were tired of losing our chances of taking home that once in a life time trophy buck. No matter how careful we were in covering our scent, they always seemed to outsmart our efforts.

We created The Trail Blaster to be a rugged, no nonsense, deer attracting machine. We wanted something that would not only automatically cover our scents but had the ability to lure them in on a conditioned basis.

Currently most hunters, on average, would use these cover scents and attractants during hunting season which is limited to only 24 (plus or minus) days a year. What if that number was increased to 365 days?

The Product

With The Trail Blaster Scent Sprayer, hunters can set these cover scents and attractants to automatically disperse at the same rate that their feeding system disperses. This works because The Trail Blaster comes equipped with a digital timing circuit with an optional wireless remote that allows the unit to automatically disperse based on the determined timed outputs set by the hunter.

The possibilities are endless to attract deer for conditioning all year round with The Trail Blaster’s ability to be daisy chained together. This allows the hunter to have an endless sequence of cover scents and attractants that can be dispersed either independently or simultaneously through the timed circuit. For example, if the hunter has several trails that lead to the feed plot or feeder, then multiple Trail Blaster systems can be set up.

Each unit would have a specific cover scent or attractant (a mix of both would be preferable) that would cover the human scent while laying down a thick fog of attractant.


The Trail Blaster Scent Sprayer will help to condition deer to associate the smell of these cover scents and attractants with a sense of safety and an easy food source. This provides the hunter the chance to not only bag that once in a lifetime trophy buck to help guarantee that a hunting season isn’t wasted.

The deer will flood to these locations because of The Trail Blaster’s ability to lure them in automatically using the hunter’s favorite cover scents and attractants.

The Trail Blaster allows the hunter to sit back and enjoy the beauty of nature while having full assurance that The Trail Blaster is fulfilling its duties by bringing the deer directly to you.