We provide a vast array of services from initial concept to ongoing marketing post-launch.



The Starter

  • Preliminary Patent Research
  • Preliminary Market Research & Analysis
  • Initial Design Concept & Modeling
  • Prototype 1
  • Material Selection & Testing
  • Secondary Design
  • Concept & Modeling
  • Prototype 2
  • Final Design Concept & Modeling
  • Prototype 3
  • Manufacturing Drawings
  • Logo Design
  • Branded Collateral
  • Social Media Set Up
  • Package Design

The Classic

Everything Included in the Starter Pack +

  • Legal Drawings & Consultation Fee
  • Product Instructions & Technical
  • Data Sheets
  • Test Market
  • Production Run
  • Test Market Analysis
  • Manufacturing & Production
  • Selection & Pricing
  • Packaging
  • Distribution & Logistics Set Up
  • Website Banner Ad
  • Social Media Teaser
  • Instructional Video

The Works

Everything Included in The Starter Pack and The Classic Pack +

  • Product Line Development
  • Production Run
  • Marketing & Advertisement Plan
  • Business Strategy & Plan Development
  • Sales & Distribution Network
  • 3D Product Rendering
  • Product Video
  • Ecommerce Website


Engineering / Product Development

Preliminary Patent Research

US Patent Office, Google Patent Competitive Research.

Initial Design Concept & Modeling

Concept development through cad software.

Preliminary Market Research & Analysis

Establish competitors, market share and product opportunities.

Prototype 1

(BASIC MATERIALS) (TESTS CONCEPT) Test concept and structural analysis of product.

Material Selection & Testing

Conduct material property analysis to determine failure/success rate via certified lab testing.

Secondary Design Concept & Modeling

(2 REVISIONS) Refined design based on sourced materials.

Prototype 2

(SELECTED MATERIALS) (REFINES CONCEPT) Prototype based on material testing and secondary design concept and modeling.

Final Design Concept & Modeling

(2 REVISIONS) Polished design with photo-realistic 3D product rendering.

Prototype 3

(PRODUCTION MATERIALS) (PERFECTS CONCEPT) Sales floor ready prototype.

Manufacturing Drawings

(BASED ON FINAL DESIGN) Technical drawings that detail manufacturing instructions.

Legal Drawings & Consultation Fee


Product Instructions & Technical Data Sheets

Detailed technical, assembly and consumer use information.

3D Media Demonstration

Draft product demonstration rendering for in depth product overview

Test Market Production Run

(20 UNITS) Product samples to establish contract sales and purchase orders.

Subscription Box Development


Mold Design


Sales & Distribution Networks

Representative, buyer group retention and sales strategy consultation.

Business Strategy & Plan Development

Overall project forecasting to establish investor relations and project financing.

Marketing & Advertisement Plan

Media and public relation strategy for article and product reviewers.

Production Run

(1000-5000 UNITS & ASSEMBLY) Initial fulfillment for purchase orders.

Product Line Development

Establishes related products to include private label and expanded product development

Distribution & Logistics Set Up

Set up EDI/inventory systems, product warehousing location, and UPC/SKU/GTIN development.



Manufacturing & Production Selection Pricing

Establishes large scale manufacturing relationships and secures MOQ pricing breakdown.

Test Market Analysis

US Patent Office, Google Patent Competitive Research. Helps forecast projected sales and market opportunities.


Branding / Graphic Design

Ecommerce Website

A customized WordPress theme with WooCommerce, designed and modified to educate and convert customers. WordPress lets you update the site’s content sections and products easily.  Includes consultation and creation of marketing assets for all social media platforms, MailChimp email or preferred ESP connection to forms, Google Analytics integration, built in blog, and assistance with loading in initial content, and content management training for updates.

Branded Collateral

A full color, double sided business card design for your team members. Custom letterhead and envelope design. Design of a sticker which will include a variation of the logo. A simple brochure or marketing slick conveying the benefits of your product.

Package Design, Label Design, Advanced Collateral

Custom display box package design and custom label design for your products. Including custom illustrations for product instructions and individual product branding needs. Advanced brochure design with vivid photography relevant to your market and product. Additional marketing materials such as pricing sheets.


Logo and brand design to be used across all packaging and marketing materials.

Visual: Videography / Animation

Product Video

This is a product release video to show the viewer what the product does with visual and verbal content. Product video will be made with a mixture of production shooting and 3D motion graphics to give a more detailed representation of what the product does.

Detailed Instructional Video

This video will be used as a resource for those that have already purchased (or plan to purchase) the product. This will be a detailed instructional video on how to fully set up, use, and maintain the product they purchased.

Social Media Product Teaser Spot

Teasers are used for brand awareness. These are shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to showcase the product fast but efficiently. This video is a brief 10-15 second video to grab the viewers’ attention, driving traffic to the product website and increase product inquiries/sales.

3D Product Rendering

Six (6) 3D rendered images to use on your website for customers to easily find the product they are looking for or that they are wanting to purchase. 3D rendered images are also used in banner ads and designs as advertisement pieces, to further sell the product.

Website Banner Ad Design & Animation

Animated banner ads are a short animated design used on your website or paid commercial ad space on others sites and platforms to bring traffic and new customers to your website.